UDialogue - Feb 2017
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Chief executive contender Carrie Lam officially launched her campaign website, “carrielam2017.hk”, last month. A spoof website “carrielam.hk”, which is just missing “2017” compared with her official website, was launched on the same day.

Domain name goes beyond “a name in the internet” which makes it easy for people to find you online.  Personal domain can establish personal/corporate image and protect your reputation.

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Smart Tips:
Q: Desired domain has already been registered by others?
A: Don't worry. UDomain offers second hand domain trading service.
Q: Over thousands domain types available in the internet, how can I prevent competitors, criminals or malicious attackers, registered similar domain names?
A: UDomain provides “Domain Brand Protection Service” to assist you on protecting & monitoring your brand name on domain level. If there is any domain name updated which related to your brand name, the system will send you an alert immediately.

In fact, UDomain has also been experienced 2 litigations in related to UDomain.com. Click here and view the full story.

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*Note: .hk/ .香港 domains can be registered by an individual. NO business registration (BR) document is required.
On 10 Feb 2017, UDomain held a Spring Dinner cum Long Service Award 2017 on Super Star Restaurant.

This year, totally 13 staffs, who were working in UDomain for 5 years or above, received The Long Service Golden Coins. Mr. To CHEUNG, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the UDomain, explained the hidden concept of this award: as an recognition and appreciation to the long term contributions and loyalties.  Mr. Cheung also said, “I hope that one day, all of our staffs will get a collection of gold coins.”

The Dinner has included interactive games and lucky draw.  All participants had a wonderful night. Click below and share the happiness with us.

We wish you a happy Chinese new year and look forward to growing with your business and achieving more success this year.