UDialogue - Jan 2017
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At the beginning of 2017, UDomain’s experts outline the leading-edge IT trends and how to prepare for this challenging year.
Trend No. 1:  Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Followed by the AlphaGo artificial intelligence defeated the South Korea’s Lee Se-dol in a chess match last year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have all the attention.
A Chatbot, which is a computer program that simulates human conversation through artificial intelligence, may be an IT star in 2017. Apart from conducting conversations via textual methods, new features will be introduced, such as, voice, video and GIF animation in 2017.
Trend No. 2: Blasting Fast Speed
With the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and high-definition Live Streaming, faster network speed and enormous bandwidth will be required to keep up with the ever-increasing end-user expectations.
Trend No. 3: Mobility 
The 4.5G (LTE Advance Pro) was launched last year. More 4.5G mobile devices have been available in the market. In fact, we have already entered the era of mobile explosion. In 2017, mobile devices will fully penetrate into our lives and change our habits, consumer behaviors and even work patterns.

Trend No. 4: Cyber-attacks & Cybercrimes
With a growing trend of cyber-attacks and computer crimes, information security and data privacy will be a serious topic in 2017.

3 Tips to Help You Come up with the Lightning-fast IT World
1. Mobile Friendly Website
With the robust connectivity, both mobile and PC/laptop users must be accommodated.
By using Responsive Web Design, it recognizes the device being used (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and will resize itself accordingly for optimal viewing automatically.
2. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
CDN can speed up your website, in particular, in your targeted regions (e.g. Mainland China) with diverse server centers in Asia and smart DNS identification technology to identify the closet point of presence.  CDN can transfer data in separate paths and avoid local network traffic jam, providing reliable and robust connectivity.
3.  Select a Trust-worthy Service Provider
To ensure integrated, high-speed network and diversified connectivity, UDomain built our own CDN and enormous bandwidth in conjunction with establishing BGP Peering and Mobile Exchange with major broadband and mobile telecommunication providers.  In addition, UDomain has recently won “Cyber Security Professionals Awards” in Communications Sector – Silver Award organized by the Hong Kong Police Force.
In 2017, UDomain will continue to invest immense resources in the network infrastructure, establish Adaptive Security Architecture to predict, block/prevent, detect and respond cyber-attacks as well as strengthen industrial cooperation.
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As the Lunar New Year is approaching, UDomain wishes you a prosperous Year of the Rooster!
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The CEO Scam Email has become more and more popular. The attacker can get around millions of dollars by sending an email.

The Head of Technical Development of UDomain, Mr. Eric Fan, shares the tips on prevention with a real case of UDomain. They are:
  • What are the features of CEO Scam Email?
  • What can SMEs prevent from it?

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