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Higher search engine (i.e. Yahoo & Google) rankings may reach more potential clients and generate more impressions, clicks and conversations.
Unlike paid advertisements (Search Engine Marketing), impressions and clicks of natural search results are free of charge.

How to boost your SEO ranking in Yahoo & Google?
1. Keyword Appears in Domain
Keyword in your domain acts as a relevancy signal.  Even higher ranking will be achieved if the keyword as first word in domain.
UDomain offers domain consultancy service and helps you to pick the domain with higher SEO ranking.
2. Always Updates Web Content
Updated web content will lead to higher rank.
3. Keyword Appears in Web Content
Increases the relevancy between searching keywords and your web content can boost SEO ranking effectively.
4. HTTPS Safe Website
Google has confirmed that they index SSL certificates and use HTTPS as a ranking signal since 2014.
Google will soon label HTTP websites as “unsafe” and warn users about websites that are not using SSL certificates. 
For HTTP website owners, UDomain provides SSL Certificates Service which adopts 2048 bit root strength & 256 bit encryption to increase security level significantly.

Please contact our SEO experts by completing below form or calling us at (852) 2554 7545 for more tips.

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e-Cheque provides a convenient way to issue and deposit cheques online in HKD, USD or CNY. Provided that you can connect to the Internet, you can write and deposit the e-Cheque anytime anywhere.
Smart Tips:
  • Obtain the payee’s agreement, the latest email address for receiving e-Cheque and payee’s name before issuing e-Cheque
  • Ensure that the e-Cheque information has been correctly filled in before issuance
  • Remove the e-Cheque from the computer  after the issuance or deposit unless recordkeeping is necessary
  • In general, the cut-off time for e-Cheque deposit is 5:30 p.m. of each business day
  • A valid e-Cheque must be in Portable Document Format (PDF) file format
UDomain accepts payment by e-Cheque, please contact us at (852) 2554 7545 or fill in below form for details. 
For more details about e-Cheque, please visit the HKMA website www.hkma.gov.hk.

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