UDialogue - May 2016
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Are you suffering from your eDM / e-newsletter delivered the spam folder by automatic filtering system? It greatly affects the effectiveness of your email marketing.

How to avoid?
1. Avoid Spam Triggered Practices or Phishing Phrases
For examples:
  1. Excessive use of "free"
  2. Rich font color
  3. Too much exclamation marks
  4. Use of drugs or pornography related words
  5. Large-sized attachment
  6. Only image
2. Check Spam Score
Before sending emails out to your entire list, it is worth to utilize a spam checking service.
3. Maintain Good E-mail Server IP Reputation
Avoid using purchased email lists because ISPs may set spam trap by using recycled email address in order to catch the spam senders. If you fall into the spam trap & it will result in low IP reputation.
If you don’t want to get trouble with the spam issue, our Email Marketing Service (UPromote) can help.  It adopts IP addresses and sending your eDM in regular time intervals.  It provides spam score checking and improvement recommendations.  

What’s more? UPromote requires NO installations and easy-to-use. Click below or here for demonstration.

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Cybercriminals have been disguised as a telecommunication company issuing false eBills with fraudulent link to trick recipients into giving up their login names, passwords and even personal information.
How it works?
It was reported that the false eBills containing false information, such as customer information, bill issue date and amount owed, in order to enhance reliability and trustworthiness.
In addition, the cybercriminals issued the high debt eBills, recipients will click the hyperlinks embedded in order to know more details immediately.
DO NOT to click on any link or download any attachment in any suspicious email.

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